Our History

Where it all Stared

It all started back in 1996 when we were asked to design and manufactured a bracket to fix a Christmas Tree to the front of a friends shop in Lytham.

The brief was quite simple, they wanted a Christmas Tree fitting to the front of there shop with lights on…,  However it wasn’t just as simple as that, (the wife had spoken),  “we don’t want it sticking out at an angle or squashed against the wall”, “we don’t want a huge obtrusive bracket hanging off the wall all year”, (“like some sort of rocket launcher”)  and we don’t really want to pay a lot of money due to no funding being available from the Council.  “Oh and we don’t want a little 3 foot tree, we want something you can see like about 6 or 7 feet should do, and stands up straight as they grow”……..

Let the Task Begin

With the brief in mind and several design and testing rejects later, we came up with the design of a two piece bracket, one small unobtrusive bracket that fixes to the wall and stays in place all year, and a second extended arm that holds the tree at approx’ 2’ away from the wall and standing straight up (as they grow naturally).

So with that bit sorted that was it, job done. Well not quite, they then asked if we knew anyone that could attach it to the wall,  so we said ok we will have a go at it . Then came the next bit…. Whilst your doing that could you put a tree in it ….   with some lights on ……   and oh yeah, We will need Electric to it …… Yep came the answer leave us to it we will have a go…….   From those first 2 Trees, we were approached by other shop keepers and in the first year filled the street with 19 Trees and brackets. The following year the project was extended throughout the Town Centre and a total of 67 trees were fitted in an around Lytham. 

From Little Seedlings

After a couple of years of fitting Christmas Trees in Lytham, Word got around and the project was extended throughout the Fylde coast, including Poulton Le Fylde, Cleveleys, Fleetwood, Kirkham and Blackpool Town Centre.

Several years later, We were approached by Blackpool Illuminations Department to take over their Christmas Tree installations around Blackpool and Bispham as they were far to busy with the extended illumination season and the Christmas street lights around the town.

So that was it, from those very small beginnings and helping a friend out over 20 years ago with a couple of tree brackets, we now fit and maintain in excess of 600 Christmas trees throughout Lancashire and the Fylde Coast, and still retain over 80% of our original customers.

 The rest, “as they say” is history.


To supply the best possible product, at the most realistic and affordable price, and create minimal disruption or distress to the public, our customers and the environment whilst carrying out our commitment to service.


To bring Festive joy and happiness to Town Centre shopping throughout the Christmas Period