Decorating & Testing

Arming the tree

All our Trees arrive direct from the forest (normally Scotland) on pallets

The first step is to attach the Tree to the Tree Arm Bracket.

This involves cutting the base (trunk) to a diameter and length to allow the tree to fit snugly into the arm tube, the trees are then secured to the bracket using 3 high tensile ST Screws to ensure a strong and reliable fixing.


When armed, the Tree passes to the decorating department for dressing with the lighting system, lighting systems vary from customer to customer dependant on there requirements and size of Tree.

Once the lights have been arranged on the tree, the light string is then securely fixed using between 50 and 100 small zip ties to ensure there is no movement of the lights from high winds and possible transportation damage. 


After the dressing and lights have been securely attached to the branches, the lights are tested to ensure each Tree is fully working before leaving our depot.


Once completed,  The Trees are stored in the yard or loaded on the trailer ready and waiting for delivery to each Town Centre.