Disposal & Recycle

Environmentally Friendly

Town Centre Trees cares about the environment and the effects our operation has upon it.

With this in mind we have found inovative ways to recycle over 95% of all the products we use to carry out our business

Read on to see how we achieve our lowest Carbon Footprint.

Disposal of Trees

Having such a large amount of used trees takes up a large amount of room and transportation for deposal.

Over the years we have been involved with many projects for “Tree re-Usage” 

Projects such as coastal defence enhancement by burying the trees into the Sand Dunes along the Fylde Coast to help keep the dunes in place from high winds and extreme weather conditions.

Creating ground cover in the fields around Lancashire and Cumbria for nesting birds and the wildlife habitat.

just to mention a few!

Batteries & Lighting

With our commitment to quality and reliability we only use lighting systems for a single season.

With our commitment to customer satisfaction and to try and reduce the number of repairs carried out, we only use our lights for a single season, this has a 2 fold advantage from less mileage covered by the maintenance department to replace or repair faults, and greater customer satisfaction from issues arising with any faults.

When all the trees have been stripped of the lights and electrical systems all are packed in bulk for a single trip to the recycling centre 

Brackets Steelwork & fixings

All the equipment we use for attaching of the Tree system to the property.

After removal of the trees and lighting, each and every bracket is inspected for any damage or problems suffered from that seasons use, any issues found are sent to the manufacturing department for rectification or repair.

All the equipment is then stored in a safe and dry enviroment ready for use the following year.