Maintenance & Repair


Part of our commitment to our customers is that we maintain and repair all installations throughout the Festive Season (up to end of December)

Due to the nature of the product and the time of year, Mother Nature can throw up some Pretty Awful Weather conditions and on the rare occasion can have an adverse effect on the operation of the Tree and lighting systems.

For this reason we include a Free Maintenance clause within the contract.

Should you suffer any issues with the Installation we will repair or replace the Tree and lighting system at no extra charge, most of the issues suffered are with the lights.

All our lighting systems are replaced each year and only new Light Strings are used on each Tree, however due to the nature of the beast, Adverse Weather like Heavy Rain, High Winds and Frost can have a detrimental effect on their operation.

Our standard maintenance is normally carried out within a week  of notification however this can take slightly longer in Busy periods.

Our Premium Trees come with Priority Maintenance and are normally repaired or replaced within the a few days of notification.


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