What we Do & how we do it

Our Trees

In an effort to satisfy varying customer needs we supply several different options to suit different needs and budgets. please click the button below to view our Tree Options.

We can also carry out specific special requirements and one-off orders should you require something different.

Design & Manufacture

We design and manufacture all our equipment in-house from the best quality materials and skilled labour at our facilities,  we then send the finished steelwork for Galvanising for total protection against the elements.

Decorating & Testing

The trees are mounted in the brackets and  then decorated with the required lighting system and then tested prior to being loaded and delivered to the customer.

Delivery & Fitting

Prior to us delivering the trees to the customer, a special wall plate will be fitted to the property using heavy duty fixings into the wall of the building at the required location.

The trees are then delivered to the various Town Centre’s and customers using specially designed equipment for safe and secure transportation. we then fit the Tree arms and trees to the ready fitted wall plates attached to the building.s


Please email us if you cannot find your answer here!

Due to many varying factors, every Tree or Town Centre installation will have different requirements, because of this issue and the varying year on year cost of supply , the best way to establish the price is to email us and enquire with your requirements. we try our best to keep costs to a minimum

Any issues regarding lighting, brackets, wind damage or general failure are covered by our maintenance department, and are generally repaired or replaced at the soonest opportunity at no extra cost.

The best way to Enquire about a Tree being fitted to your shop or property is to complete our enquiry/contact form which can be found on the menu at the top of the page.

In some cases Town Council’s and/or Associations do have a budget for Festive decorations around the Town Centre. We work with many Lancashire Councils direct and if subsidies are available this can be arranged.

The short answer is “Sometimes” it all depends on the location. please email us with your enquiry !