Terms of Supply

How it works

The Contract

All our Contracts / Agreements are issued on the same basis for each Customer, Although no written contract is issued we like to think of it as a “Gentleman’s Hand Shake Agreement” and will last for many years.

The Agreement / Contract shall run for 3 years from the Start Date as listed on your first invoice and will continue until terminated by either party. This shall include the fitting of a Two Part Tree Bracket, one part of which will be fastened by bolts into the brickwork of the premises called “The Wall Plate”, and the second part of which will hold a real Christmas Tree and lights and shall only be used throughout the festive season. All Trees and Lights shall be serviced throughout the installed time period and will be removed early January. In return for the services as listed above the named Person/Company shall pay Town Centre Trees or there agent the agreed sums of money as stated on the Invoice each year prior to the tree being fitted.

How it works

The Equipment

Town Centre Trees (TCT) do not sell the equipment used for the Installation of the Christmas Tree (or other installation).

All equipment including “The Wall Plate, Tree Arm, Lights and any Electrical Installations” are supplied on the understanding that these are there to facilitate the fitting of the Christmas Tree (and/or other use) and solely to used by TCT. Any other unauthorised use of the equipment is strictly forbidden and may invalidate the agreement. Town Centre Trees retain the right to remove the complete installation should the Contract be terminated by either party (for whatever reason).

How it works


Town Centre Trees shall hold Public and Product Liability Insurance for all its Products, Equipment and General Activities required to carry out its business in a safe and professional manner.

Due to legal reasons, TCT can not accept any responsibility for any or all damages suffered to the property by the attachment/fitting of Wall Plates and/or any other equipment supplied.

Loss or Damage to Property,  Blockage of Drains or any other loss etc. suffered from the fitting of the equipment necessary to the Property.

This Liability is the sole responsibility of the owner/occupier of the property and should be covered by their own Public, Private and Property liability cover.

Acceptance of the "Terms of Supply" for a new fitting

If you are planning on having one of our Christmas Tree Installations then we will need certain permissions to allow us to carry out the fitting. please click on the button below to read the requirements needed for us to continue with the installation.